Month: March 2013

Spousal Arousal Syndrome: Sleeping with a Snoring Spouse

Monday, April 9, 2012 at 1:07PM Spouses of snorers can suffer significantly Silence is golden. But for spouses of snorers, it also may feel unattainable. In fact, the non-snoring partner may wake multiple times an hour and lose an average of two hours of sleep each night — even if they don’t remember waking. Researchers …

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Sleep Apnea Research

“Newly developed technologies and scientifically validated protocols now enable orthodontists to effectively treat people with sleep apnea.” Dr. David Paquette “The peer-reviewed literature makes it abundantly clear that untreated sleep-disordered breathing is at best, seriously debilitating and costly to the healthcare system, and at worst, life threatening.” Dr. Paul Damon Researcher Nathaniel Marshall, a postdoctoral fellow at …

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