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Don’t let snoring ruin your relationship!

Snorers often receive an elbow jab in the ribs from someone else as a reminder to “roll over and stop.”

People are upset that: 1) they have partners that snore, and 2) their partner will not do anything about it. Upset partners are not inclined to be very romantic.

Fisher-Paykel Healthcare commissioned a study of 500 women. To say that the women were upset is an understatement…they were so annoyed by the condition they’d rather sleep to the sound of a dripping tap (50 per cent), mating possums (23 per cent) or neighborhood construction (22 per cent).    

And you still expect a woman to feel romantic, knowing that she has your snoring, snorting, and wheezing to put up with afterwards? While she may not force you to go to the doctor for your snoring, she may start to lose interest in romance all together.

If you are sleeping in a different bedroom or on the couch the whole idea of spontaneity is lost…You both deserve better.

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