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Snore? Diagnosed with sleep apnea? Have a CPAP?

Here are some facts concerning snoring & sleep apnea and how we are the # 1 source for treatment that really works.

Obviously, our website goes into greater detail but these notes will give you the overall picture of what this is all about.

If you snore or you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed a CPAP machine, which you are having compliance issue with…you’re not alone by any stretch of the imagination.

Let’s take a look at snoring first. Who wants to admit that they snore…very few or they say ‘I snore just a little!!’ The real answer comes from one’s partner. We’ve even had a few spouses bring tape recordings for proof to the consultations we offer. Second-hand snoring is real and affects your loved ones. It is conservatively estimated by the Mayo Clinic that people sleeping with snorers lose over one hour of sleep every night. Studies indicate that even children are affected with signs of sleep deprivation if they sleep in a bedroom next to the snorer.

A recent research study by scientists from the University of California, Berkeley found that the lack of a good night’s sleep had severe adverse effects on romantic relationships. The bad night sleep carried over to the next day with the partner being tired, grouchy, and irritable. We all know where that leads. Did you know that over 27% of couples sleep in separate bedrooms because of snoring? Signifi­cant others tend to get upset not only that their bed part­ner snores, but more so that he or she won’t do anything about it.

For most people snoring is a social issue and not a health issue. Wrong…Fox News and CNN reported that a recent breakthrough study in Michigan (1/2013) concluded that snoring, not just sleep apnea could be an early warning sign for the risk of heart disease. The study indicated that snoring, in relation to heart disease, had the same effect as being overweight, having high cholesterol, and even smoking.

Now for you CPAP machine users…here is your story. You wore diagnosed with various degrees of Sleep Apnea and prescribed CPAP treatment. When you wear this mask to bed you can’t stand one or more of the following: the feeling of claustrophobia, the hoses, the hassle of going to the bathroom, not being able to speak, the limitations on your sleep positions, the maintenance, the noise, the air pressure, etc. Well once again you are not alone. Only 23-45% of patients use the device properly and many not at all. If you fall into this category and your overall health is good and you are still sexually active, there is no reason for this anymore. We provide scientifically proven, un-invasive, comfortable treatment for this condition. In fact over 70% of our patients are former CPAP users.

Untreated Sleep Apnea can lead to hypertension, heart attack, stroke, depression, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, morning headaches, and excessive daytime sleepiness.

We have your solution. Unlike other dentists that have this therapy as part of their practice, oral appliance therapy is our practice. We are the leader in Northern California for oral appliance therapy in the number of patients treated and more importantly the overall success of our therapy. Our treatment is based on 4 crucial areas: First, our doctors are highly trained in both dental sleep medicine and the ever-important relationship of TMJ/TMD with sleep disorders. Our chief doctor is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. This honor has only been bestowed on 186 doctors in the entire country.  Secondly, our proprietary treatment protocol complies with and even exceeds all the requirements of the AADSM and recognized international forums. Thirdly, we only treat our patients with the highest quality appliance available for their individual needs. Fourthly, because we are a contracted provider for many medical insurance companies and IPA’s, we are able to optimize your benefits to the max.

Add to this we have six offices throughout Northern California, we accept most medical insurance including Medicare, we provide real treatment … not just an impression and delivery of the appliance, we compare testing results prior to treatment, during and after treatment, and the oral appliance is FDA approved.

As far as other “gadgets” that may look the same you see on late-night TV or the internet…this is your health we are talking about!! If you would have a heart problem, you would not try to treat yourself; you will go to an expert.

You might be saying to yourself, these guys are pretty cocky!! We’re not; we are confident and understand this clinical area of treatment better than anyone we know.

Call us and invest 45 minutes in a complimentary consultation and see we mean what we say.

“Some just talk the talk, we walk the walk.”

Thanks for your time.

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