Dr. David Neubauer speaks about insomnia and anxiety

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Can you relate to what Dr. Neubauer is saying? If so, make sure to contact us for your free consultation to learn about how our oral appliance therapy can relieve your sleep apnea and snoring symptoms so you can get…

Great printable poster for Treating Insomnia Tips

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This great poster, “Tackling Your Insomnia Symptoms,” is brought to you by the National Sleep Foundation and Merck Laboratories. However, if you find these suggestions are not working for you, be sure to contact us for your consultation for an…

Have a History of Difficulty Sleeping?

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If you’ve noticed a long-term pattern of difficulty sleeping, you may have insomnia. Whether you’ve been unable to fall asleep, stay asleep, or you wake too early, there are tests and treatments that can improve your sleep. The National Sleep…

Huffington Post Tackles Snoring

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Mass media interest in snoring and/or sleep continued this week with the iconic Huffington Post tackling snoring—complete with a slide show of “celebrities who snore” and a top ten list of therapies. “When you are snoring, you’re spending too much…

“Newly developed technologies and scientifically validated protocols now enable orthodontists to effectively treat people with sleep apnea.”

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“Newly developed technologies and scientifically validated protocols now enable orthodontists to effectively treat people with sleep apnea.” Dr. David Paquette “The peer-reviewed literature makes it abundantly clear that untreated sleep-disordered breathing is at best, seriously debilitating and costly to the healthcare system,…

oral appliance therapy cpap diagram

Oral Appliance Therapy / CPAP Comparison Diagram

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This diagram comparing CPAP and Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) was published in Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine (2009) in an article titled “Oral appliance treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: an update” by Andrew S.L. Chana and Peter A. Cistulli. (It…

oral appliance X-rays

Oral Appliance Therapy – See for yourself!

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See the difference for yourself! The “PROTRUDED” X-rays (on the right) show exactly how Oral Appliance Therapy works to open up the airway.  

2007 Best Abstract in Dental Sleep Medicine

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FUNCTIONAL EFFECTS OF MANDIBULAR ADVANCEMENT ORAL APPLIANCES ON AWAKE UPPER AIRWAY PATENCY IN OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA Tsuiki S,l Ryan F,2 Alan L2 Inoue Y1 (1) Japan Somnology Center, Neuropsychiatric Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan, (2) University of British Columbia, British Columbia,…



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